How to ride

Hit the road now!

Hit the road now!


Sign up with your email adress

Choosa a password and click the link in the verification email, sent to your inbox.


Set up payment

Choose a payment method and set it up by entering the €1,00 setup fee. This will confirm your payment details and ensure succesful riding.


Reserve a bike

Tap on one of the parking spots on the map and tap ‘Reverve a Bike’. One of the bikes at the parking spot is waiting for you.


Start a ride

Go to the selected parking spot and choose a bike. Tap ‘Select a Bike’ and enter the Bike ID found on the number plate at the back of the bike. Tap ‘Select & Start Ride’ to open the lock and start riding.


Pauze your ride

Ride anywhere you like. Lock the bike by tapping ‘Lock & Pause Ride’. This way you are sure the bike will be waiting for you when you get back.


End your ride

Go to any parking spot to return the bike and end your ride. Tap ‘Lock & End Ride’, and push down on the orange lever. Confirm your ride was ended correctly by checking the receipt screen.

Download the manual (PDF)

For future reference or printing